Saturday, June 30, 2012

Come on Blogging, and Start Storytelling.

Well, finally I made ​​this blog. I had no idea of ​​this blog. What will I write here, and if this blog can be landed a good response from you. I thought why not I start blogging and storytelling. We derive a different lesson every day, something different and we have a different policy. So then, I have to do is start blogging and share something in this blog.

My age is 28 years. A man. And still in search of a wife. That is the reason why this blog's name contains the word: love. I think the same as you, you must have your love life. Maybe it's interesting to tell. Although there are some things we should keep to yourself.

I do not know what should I write here, except some small shadow on this blog, I do not even want to imagine, how about a blog that visitors will come here. May be too scared to imagine it. Than I thought about what this blog will get some visitors who want to share with me, the better I should start blogging and scribbled a few words here, to say welcome to you who are here.


  1. Happy blogging and keep posting.. :)

  2. yeah, keep blogging, we are together :)

  3. bikinhok]@ : you too
    @yebbis@ : thank you for spirit


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