Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Early Moon

It felt very pleased when earlier this month has come. Because that is when payday. One day in a month I could receive the money from my work. It must be nice if every day as the beginning of the month. This means that every day I can continue to receive the money. Of course this will not happen as long as I do not have a business venture.

I remember back about a book, writing about how to become rich. One way is to have investments. I remember about the assets and liabilities. When a payday at the beginning of the month, which I think is what else is going to be bought with the money. I do not even think about saving. And the result is that I almost ran out of money before the month ends.

I am 29 years old, and I do not have enough money in my savings account. I imagine if the two years I could have a child. So I would need a lot of money when my kids go to college. Well, I have to start thinking about the money. As long as still have time.

It's not a fear of lack of funds. But these are thoughts for preparation. Because the money we collect for years can disappear in a short time. And one could also become have money in a short time as well. Nevertheless, I feel that need to be noted that financial preparations are planned.


  1. Don't do this :
    I was bad with my money, which is why I resorted to credit cards. I’d receive my paycheck and within days it’d be gone. I’d pay the few bills I had back then, then blow the rest on eating out, movies and video games. Nothing ever went into savings.

  2. Yes you should get used to saving money ever since a young age, is learning to save the financial

  3. financial planning is to be prepared early on, for the sake of a better future


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